Is it time for a transition do-over?

If you are a veteran who went through a traditional transition assistance program, you may have been the victim of some flat out bad advice that was meant for the majority.  For the rest of us there's a new approach if you choose it...  Enter your email to learn how to get early access to this revolutionary new book!

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"Today you have an opportunity to serve in a meaningful way while increasing your potential way of life."

Scott R. Tucker, Author

Scott R. Tucker, Author

Release Coming Summer 2019! Get the pre-launch special today!

Most transitioning service members navigate a mess of well-intended transition assistance programs and job fairs that feel a lot like following more orders and just doing what everyone else is doing after the military. 

You were told to “translate” your resume and do interview after interview only to end up in another supervisory based career with a focus on promotions and salary. This, you're told, is the safest path.
Or is it?  
Now, more than ever before in the history of America, Veterans have an opportunity to continue to lead after service in a meaningful way, while increasing their potential standard of living, and it’s never been easier to accomplish! 

This is thanks to the gratefulness of the American people in the post 9/11 world, the advent of the Internet, and a modern movement of social influencers that have chosen a lifetime of service rather than a paycheck until retirement.  
The path, tools, and best practices are available to anyone who seeks them out, and in this game-changing book, author, entrepreneur, and West Point graduate Scott R. Tucker outlines the first steps you must take if you want to stop following orders and join the modern economy serving those you are meant to serve. 

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