How to Create Dreams That Stick

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The Empowering Privilege of Dreams

Tirzah M. Johnson

Tirzah M. Johnson

Fairytales and fiction were never of much interest to me. I wanted to deeply understand real people and real stories, as I have always had a passion for empathy. 

I spent my summers in Tuscaloosa, Alabama pouring through the diaries of children from the days of the Oregon Trail and slave journals wanting to understand how they could live in a world without the advantages I readily appreciated in mine. 

Are your goals limited by your perception? 

I think of my great grandmothers who lived in the times of some of those stories. I wonder how they saw their world while growing up. 

Did they live in wonder of what life had to offer or did fear shape their world in such a trying time in history?

Mamie Portis who lived to be 98. A black woman married to Vivian Portis, a man who opted out of his white privilege for their marriage. 

What was their dream for a bi-racial family in a world of black and white in Walker Springs, Alabama?

• Alice Murphy who lived to be 109. A gun slinging-black woman from Selma, Alabama. As a double amputee, she was the oldest person in the state of Alabama at the time her death in 2006 outliving 12 of her 13 children. 

How does a single mother and field-worker buy three houses on prime property without the ability to read or write or the privilege to attend school? 

Understanding that history, I am deeply grateful I was able to take their dreams of education further for our family legacy. 

What a privilege. I was taught to read.

What a privilege. I was allowed and taught to write.

What a privilege. I was able to go to college not once, not twice, but three times and move through my goals to eventually teach at a college level at age 24.

What a privilege. This all started with me being allowed and taught how to create my own actionable goals. 

So here I am, sharing this system to share that privilege.

I challenge you to step into your own privilege to use this "Dreams That Stick" guide to create your list of goals to build a life of love and wonder not fear. 

Sending love, light, and gratitude ✨

Tirzah Moneé Johnson