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What Our Financial Professional Partners Say:

Michael T. Seabolt

Michael T. Seabolt

Bell Consulting | Tax Mitigation Expert

"Most importantly, what I take away for my Cannabis clients is we finally have a solution to help these legitimate business owners out, give them a vehicle, to safely invest the profits of their business."

Ethan Samuels

Ethan Samuels

Fmr Navy Intel | Director US VetWealth

"If you'd have told me 5 years ago, when I transitioned my career in Naval intelligence to financial intelligence, that I'd be able to serve the Cannabis industry, I'd have thought you were using too much of your product!"

West Point Grad Reveals How to Avoid IRS Code 280(e) and Securely Invest Your Cannabis Based Profits For Growth!

...they laughed when I mentioned wanting to help cannabis business owners at the financial advisors conference ...

Dear Friend, 

If you've struggled with your banking options, if you've tried every accounting trick, if you've taken on partners to open more facilities and you still haven't found a stress-free solution to re-invest your hard earned profits then what I'm about to tell you in the next few mins will make this the most important thing you learn during your entire career in Cannabis.

Listen up because this is about money, it's always about the money...

So, sit turn up the volume and come a little closer to the screen because I've got a story for you that'll blow your mind... and you don't even need to be stoned to understand it. LOL. So you can put that pre-roll down now, because I need you to pay attention.

Here's the big idea:

Any Cannabis Business Owner can invest their profits safely for growth and avoid taxes and litigators, by using the CannaBiz Distributor & Defender(TM), "The CBD2 of Your Money", because it insures your profits in the same way you'd insure your crop, your store or your lab using a "bank on yourself concept".

Which is actually kinda cool :) But before I show you that, let's get real for a minute...

The problem is you've tried everything you can to avoid further discrimination from IRS Code 280(e)

You’ve purchased extra safes to put in a secure facility, you've spent $100K's on security guards, you've opened multiple bank accounts that keep getting shut down on you, you've thought about just throwing your money at other stores or businesses that require even more red tape and infrastructure, you've probably even started trying to understand crytpo-currency! Am I right?

You did NOT get into this work your doing to further the cause of cannabis in order to learn about using cyber money... come on!

You've been forced to justify these costs both financial and mentally, and that's not fair. 

You need to know what it's costing you and it could be a lot more than you think.

This is what you should do next;

Write down the average cash balance you have in your safes or maybe in a savings account at a credit union that is just losing value because of inflation. Inflation is a tax, by the way... more on that later. 

Let's say you have a million dollars that you don't really have a way to use if you were to invest it in another store. You'd lose liquidity. But, you're also getting almost NO growth. 

If you were any other successful business owner you might have that money in a SEP IRA stock portfolio or real estate portfolio that has risk, but offers more growth. Sometimes, its pretty good, maybe 10% in a good year. So that gain, is an additional $100K, that you're giving up each year your money is stuck in a hole in the backyard. That is also a tax, called opportunity cost.

You simply want to be able to invest your profits to get modest growth and tax-benefits that any other entrepreneur and small business owner gets!

Ultimately, you want to take your business to the next level and create an exit strategy to safely and tax-efficiently divest your money and retire on the fruits of your labor and maybe even build a legacy. 

In order to do that, you need a trusted resource to show you how to;

Successfully “bank” your liquid dollars once and for all.

Create a simplified low cost private investment grade insurance account.

Invest around 10-20% of your profits, just like you would invest 10-20% of your salary in a 401K.

Exit your business some years later with a secure and tax-free pension and a tax-free legacy.

It's actually pretty simple. I want to show you how this works and why you need it.

Hi, my name is Scott Tucker, founder of Cannabis Financial Solutions and creator of the CannaBiz Distributor & Defender. As a West Point Grad, former Army Officer, and Financial Professional... trust me when I say I empathize with your pain dealing with bloated bureaucracy, red tape, wasted tax dollars, and just DUMB rules!

While we're on the subject. Let me also say this... As a Veteran, my love for country is deep and abiding, but that love does NOT extend to the U.S. Treasury.

I created the CannaBiz Distributor & Defender to solve a problem that I had never heard of, but learned it is hurting Veterans.  

I met a fellow West Point grad named Todd Scattini from the Veterans Cannabis Project and he explained to me that the financial instability that is forced upon cannabis business owners also has the compounding negative effect of continuing to hurt the legitimacy of the business.  

He said, “this industry is perfect for Veterans to start a new career. We know how to deal in highly regulated environments and chaos at the same time. Yet, the stigmatism of a cash based business model continues to hurt the message of medical cannabis and jobs for Vets!”

As someone who has benefited from Cannabis myself after I left the service, I simply found this to be unacceptable.  

I want you to hear the stories from others veterans and financial professionals too.

So what's the catch?  Nothing.

Sure there's implementation costs involved like with any service. But the costs are easily out weighed by up to 10X due to the growth potential and tax savings now provided for your money

These are actually common safe investment and tax-mitigation strategies used by wealthy business owners that simply haven't been available to the cannabis industry. 

Until now.

There just isn't any other way to do this until federal legalization occurs.

That may be coming, but it will take years. If you wait until then you risk missing years of investment profits, and your money is liable to taxes and litigation.

Not to mention the lost income to your family if your take too big of a bong hit and day dream yourself off a cliff following a pretty butterfly. All jokes aside, the probability of that happening is so low things like term life insurance are a waste of your money even if you could get it.

Here's how easy it is. 

A typical scenario with this type strategy involves a cannabis business owner making $2 Million in profits per year and investing 10% toward their exit or retirement. This means investing $2 million over ten years.

Then, he or she can begin taking tax-free non-reportable income withdraws of $300K per year for 30 years or longer! That's almost $10 Million of tax-free income while also maintaining a growth protected and fully liquid cash balance of more than $3 Million.

Sound too good to be true? ...So did the idea of cannabis legalization just a few years ago.

It's not. It's quite real. It's the same strategy used by NFL coaches with unique bonuses, estate planners protecting large estates from taxes, retiring service members with hefty pensions, and on and on...

We want to bring you and the Cannabis industry the same benefits and legitimacy so that more Veterans can feel comfortable beginning a career in the industry.

You can download our free guide explaining how to avoid IRS Code 280(e) with your cannabis business profits when you register below.

You'll also gain exclusive access to a new suite of services that are only now being made available to make your life easier. Including a free 30 min consultation with Military Spouse and Your Cannabis CFO, Lula Welborne!

So, I want you to join me on an upcoming webinar where we explain how this works and how you can personally benefit.

Then we answer your questions. Live. Virtually face to face. Real people. Not a recording.

We sincerely want to learn about the problems you are facing so we can continue to improve our resources.

My commitment to you is that I will follow my alma maters motto of Duty, Honor, Country and simply share with you what we've discovered and offer to help you if we can. Worst case, we spend 30 mins together and both walk away learning something.

No other commitment is asked from you.

We can only work with those who aspire to be in the top 20% of Cannabis businesses because you must apply to qualify to be one of those who are motivated to take your business to the next level.


Scott R. Tucker

P.S. It's also important to note that our capacity is limited until we can convince more financial professionals to work with the cannabis industry. If you know any, please connect us!

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